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Hi, I'm Rodenay (Rod)



Rodenay Joseph (Rod) is a native of Haiti.  He migrated to the US at a very young age. He later joined the military to serve this great nation.  He contributed a great deal in our freedom.  Rod is a combat war veteran, a Purple Heart recipient, a war historian, an entrepreneur, a community organizer and a compassionate leader to this community.


Rodenay was nicknamed the TRUTH, during his time in the Army as he fiercely upheld standards that always bolded and spoke of the value of the truth.  He worked tirelessly to live up to these standards against all odds. 


Rodenay is a dedicated father who cares passionately about Floridians.  He believes that access to economic opportunities, education, professional training, and healthcare are not privileges, but everybody’s rights.   


Rodenay holds Master’s degrees in: Military Studies and History of War.  He has a BA in Criminal Justice and Forensics. Rodenay served as a Logistics Officer in the US Army Jag Corps.  He is also a Paralegal NCO, a US Army Paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division, an All American Guard in the US Army Air Assault. 


Rodenay wholeheartedly believes that the TRUTH sets us free! 


Let’s vote for freedom and a better tomorrow!

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