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 Build better Communities for a better tomorrow

As a Combat Veteran and Purple Heart Recipient, I will fight for YOU.





You Will Matter!

Rod, a U.S. Army Combat Veteran, and Purple Heart Recipient, is running for U.S. Senate, as a Floridian. He understands the need of the American people and will dive head on into actions by focusing on the economy first and foremost.


Rod will affect substantial change in American public policy, especially in diversity and inclusion, to protect all Americans' personal interests and beliefs. He is been a strong proponent of accountability in government, where he promotes a fiscal transparency in government finances. He possesses wisdom and insight to be a prominent voice in community affairs.


Rod will propose immediate changes to veterans' healthcare. Using his experience as a Soldier who served in the United States at the operational, institutional, and strategic levels, he will ensure our veterans receive proper care after discharge. He will also propose legislation to integrate military spouses and children into the discharged veteran's continuum of care.


Rod will bring resources to improve policies on reproductive rights, universal healthcare, education, homelessness, and economic development. Rod understands the American people's concerns and will work tirelessly with his peers to pass legislation to provide unlimited growth and personal development opportunities. 

Rod will fight to raise the state minimum wages so Americans can bring more money home. The action of raising the Minimum Wage, in turn, will increase their purchasing power so they can afford better healthcare services. Rod believes social security and seniors benefits should be kept out of politics, this is why he will propose legislations to keep hands off our seniors who have paid their dues and worked for their retirements, government have no business in dictate their life decisions.


Rod is an author. He also holds a Masters in Diplomacy and Military Studies. With the current state of foreign and international relations, we need a knowledgeable and experienced geopolitician who will serve as both diplomat and policy maker. We are living in a drastic time and Rod will take drastic measures to restore our reputation on the international stage and provide guidance and assurance to our allies. Rod embodies the American values; this is why he will always fight for our beliefs and way of life.

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